Monday, May 02, 2011

Pros and cons

I'm in Phoenix now for a special education law conference.  Downtown Phoenix is generic and relatively free of charm.  It is warm, though, which is a nice change because it's been ridiculously cold in Denver lately.  I got a text from J this morning:  "It's snowing here." 

Fuck that.

Other benefits are that I get to sleep in a comfortable bed by myself without anyone climbing on me, kicking me or peeing on me during the night (Zeke tends to soak through his pull-ups at night -- I'm not saying that J and I are into golden showers).  I don't have to clean up after anyone, including myself.  Phoenix is in the Pacific time zone, meaning that I can get up at my normal time to work out (5:15 a.m.) and still get an extra hour of sleep. 

Of course, there are downsides.  My children make me tired, but I love them and miss them.  And they're still so little and rely on me for so much, including looking to me as an emotional anchor.  When I'm not around, they're a bit adrift.  They even shunned me when I was saying goodbye to them yesterday at the airport.  Josie burst into tears and pushed me away and when I went to give Zeke a hug and a kiss, he turned away from me. 


So as I write this, I'm enjoying free wireless in an outdoor bar as I nurse a glass of oatmeal stout.  It's very pleasant.  But I'll be happy to get back to my messy, noisy life, with children clamoring for my attention and showering me with love and slobbery kisses again.


  1. I'm in the same boat. In a lovely hotel in Santa Monica. Loved the full night of uninterrupted sleep. The clean, crisp room. The quiet. And I miss my family terribly. When I called home to talk to Walt, he, who usually has to pulled off the phone when I call him from work, said, "Talk to Fred" and dropped the phone.

  2. Oh, Wendy, soak up the warm and enjoy the beer all by yourself. You love them and they love you and soon enough you'll be back in the chaos. I've only been to Phoenix once, and it was August and I thought our car tires were going to melt in that personalityless mass of overpasses. But alone on business is so nice in little doses and I wish you all the pleasantry of heat, sunshine, room service, and sleep.