Thursday, February 24, 2011

The sweetest boy in the whole world

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When Josie was sick over the weekend, she ate nothing.  From Friday through the middle of Tuesday, I don't think she had more than 6 or 7 ounces of food, total.  And she's already so skinny.  She's 17 months old (today, in fact - happy 17 months, sweetie!), is in the 55th percentile for height (right where she should be), but is on the verge of dropping off the weight chart.

When she first got sick, she had been flirting with 20 pounds for a while.  She's now under 19 again.

not a happy girl.  at least her hair looks cute
Then on Tuesday afternoon, she suddenly got her appetite back.  She was scarfing everything in sight -- bananas, toast, cheerios.  We thought she was better better, but I guess she was only kinda better, because she had a rough day at school yesterday, which continued on to be a rough night at home.  Just cried and cried and cried, and there was nothing I could do to console her.  Eventually, after an hour or so, she just stopped crying and sat in my arms to read a book, and then went to bed without incident.

I was steeling myself to deal with getting Zeke ready for bed.  J gets up and leaves for work so early (3:30 in the morning to be precise) that by 8 at night, he's totally exhausted and barely functioning, so I generally have to deal with the bulk of the bedtime duties. 

And Zeke does not like going to bed.  He tends to get a burst of energy at around 7:30 or so, which means that hitting the designated 8:30 bedtime is a dicey proposition at best.

But I think sometimes he's as clued in to my moods as I am to his, because he just knew that last night was not the night to raise a fuss.  We went upstairs, brushed teeth, put on PJs, and he got into bed.

"Mama, will you snuggle with me for a little while?"

"Sure, honey, just for a few minutes."

I wrapped him in my arms.  He put his hand on my cheek and patted it.

"I love you, Mama."

"I love you too, sweet pea."

"You're the best mommy in the whole world!"

"Wow!  That's such a nice thing to say, thank you!"

"I like ants."


"Yes, some of them have polka-dots!"

"They do?  That's interesting."

He pats my face again.

"I'm patting your cheek, Mama."

"I know, honey.  That's very nice."

"You feel beautiful."

"Oh, my goodness."

"Maybe you could be a princess when you grow up."



  1. Boys are the best! I love it when they snuggle with their mamas and say such sweet things.

    What a great way to end your day!

    Glad your sweet girl is feeling better. The first day back at school after being sick is always rough when they're so little. You've got the weekend to continue recovering and rest. Enjoy it!