Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Aussie Word of the Day: blasphemy edition

Australians tend to come up with highly descriptive expressions for their likes and dislikes.  They tend to be a bit vulgar, and also, somewhat ironically, to invoke the deity.

I've gotten used to it after living with Jason for 6 years, so I tend not to react much when I make him a favorite meal and he takes a bite and exclaims, "aw, baby!  It's like an angel pissed on my tonsils!"

In case you were confused, that means he likes it.

And again, I hear it so often, it usually doesn't faze me much.  But I'm not completely made of stone, people.

The other day when we went grocery shopping, Jason surreptitiously slipped a package of chocolate-chip cookie dough into the cart.  Later, when we were making dinner, he decided he needed a preprandial snack  and busted out the cookie dough.  I'm still doing WeightWatchers, so I limited myself to a single bite.  Jason offered some to his brother, Simon, who was unfamiliar with the practice of eating raw cookie dough.

"Aw, it's the best, mate."

"Yeah?" said Simon, quizzically.

"Definitely.  It's awesome.  It's what God's dog shit would taste like."

It's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when he said that, or I would have done a total spit-take.

I still haven't been able to stop giggling when I think about it, or to get out of my head the image of a large bearded man in a white robe walking a dog that poops cookie dough.


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Adding this to my daily vocabulary IMMEDIATELY!


  2. Sherice, believe me, he's got a million of 'em. You need to come and visit.

  3. Michelle L.8:10 PM

    Love these new Aussie-isms! Definitely up there with "mud button" - or was that a Rich creation?

  4. Michelle - "mud button" was Jason's. I might have to do a post about that one sometime. I know I owe you a phone call - things a little crazy right now.