Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Four years ago today

Four years ago today, Jason and I got married on a mountain top in Australia. It was beautiful and romantic and I was scared shitless.

And I think I was right to be. Anyone who doesn't enter into marriage with just a little bit of trepidation is either the luckiest bastard on the planet, or an idiot.

Marriage is hard, particularly when life is hard. And right now, life is hard. I'm by myself raising two kids during the week, and when I do get to see my husband, we're often so tired and stressed out that it's more like being roommates than like husband and wife. And as I've admitted, there are definitely times when my greatest fantasy is to be single and childless again, to have time to myself and not feel like I'm charged with taking care of absolutely fucking everything, not just for myself but also for everyone else in the house.

But that's the way of things. For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. My husband is a good man, a great husband and father, so different from me but so perfect for me.

So I guess I'll keep him.


  1. Lori B4:58 AM

    I couldn't agree with you more...marriage is much harder than I ever had imagined. I think that at this time in our life it is pretty common to lie in bed at night and divide the furniture up in your head! I have been told by those wiser and older...that if you get through these years with your gets much easier! ps: Beautiful wedding pic!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You have a beautiful family and great perspective on all things :)

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Happy Anniversary, Armstrongs!

    4 down...a lifetime to go!



  4. Happy Anniversary, Wendy and Jason!

    Are lives are very parallel. Fred and I got married in January and had Walt was born only a few months ahead of Zeke.

    You are a super trooper in the midst of a very full life. You're handling things beautifully. My hero!

  5. Lori - it is really hard. I love your line about lying in bed and mentally dividing up the furniture. And thanks for the compliment - it was a beautiful wedding, and we had an outstanding photographer.

    HKW - many thanks!

    Sherice - smooches back at ya

    Anne - damn, I hope I'm not your hero. I feel utterly incompetent at functioning in my life most of the time. But I give it my best, I guess. Weird about our life parallels, in so many ways!