Thursday, June 05, 2014

Technological and scientific advances will continue apace, professional soccer will be THE big money-making sport, Michael Jackson will still be popular, and there will be no fire

Zeke had his kindergarten "continuation" ceremony.  It's the term the school uses instead of "graduation," because I guess even they recognize how absurd the notion of "graduating" from kindergarten is.

And when I think about it, I really do find it ridiculous.  I mean, Colorado doesn't even have compulsory school attendance for kids in kindergarten.  You get to go to first grade solely by virtue of being 6 years old by October 1.

But, I have to admit it's really cute.  Zeke was SO excited about it.  The kids learned poems and dances and songs (including one set to Taio Cruz's Dynamite) and all week he's been asking me, "Mama, do you want to see the dance moves?  Do you want to hear me sing?"

"Of course!" I respond every time.

He even wanted Josie in on it.  I had planned to drop Josie at her school before heading over to Zeke's, but this morning he said, "Josie, do you want to come see my continuation ceremony?"

"Of course!"

So she came along as well.

My favorite part was when each kid gets to walk across the stage, get a "diploma" from the school principal, and then tell the audience what they want to be when they grow up.

I didn't take a specific count, but here's the general breakdown:

  • Fully one third of the kids want to be scientists;
  • About one fifth want to be teachers (including a couple who said they want to be science teachers);
  • A smattering want to be moms or dads;
  • Five boys want to be professional soccer players.  By contrast, only one wants to be a pro basketball player, and nobody wants to play pro football or baseball.  One girl wants to be a swimmer, and another wants to be a swim teacher;
  • There were a couple of doctors and vets, including a kid who wants to be an army medic;
  • There were at least 10 firefighters, plus one boy who wants to be both a firefighter and a policeman;
  • Three boys want to be "Michael Jackson dancers," about five want to be ninjas, one wants to be Batman, and another wants to be a spy.
As for Zeke, he walked up to the microphone and announced his intention to become a "shark doctor."  So he can help sharks out when they get hurt.

Ok, then.

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