Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I know a lot of people who are very much into always being present and in the moment, and to not dwell on the past or the future.  To just be.

It's all very Crash Davis.

And I do try to enjoy individual moments of life - when I'm standing at the bus stop, I'll put my face up to the sun and enjoy the beauty of the day.  When I'm goofing off and giggling with my kids, I try to take a mental snapshot, because I know that all too soon they'll be surly teenagers who will be embarrassed to be seen with me.  When I'm working out, instead of thinking about how I wish the workout were over, I try to focus on the muscles I'm working, imagining them getting stronger, and I appreciate how physically alive and vital I feel at that moment.

But I can't do that all the time.  Not every moment is that memorable or noteworthy.  Trying too hard to be in the moment all the time is a lot of work, and more fundamentally, it doesn't always ring true.  The past happened, and takes up space in my brain.  Future events will happen, and to go along as if they won't, or as if they don't matter, a) seems silly, and b) doesn't seem like much fun.  Looking forward to something good that is going to happen is one of life's joys, as far as I'm concerned.

It's been a good year in this regard.  So far, I've been able to look forward to our spring break trip to Nicaragua (which was wonderful and relaxing).

the Nicaragua beach house - view from the balcony
Then there was my brother Sam's wedding (which I officiated - it was incredible to be involved like that) in Houston.

My dad, the kids and me in our wedding finery
Then there was my reunion in D.C., which was amazing.

*sniff*  I love these people.
Then I immediately went to my legal conference in Orlando, which I don't have pictures of because it's gross. I have many, many friends who love taking their families to Disney World for vacation, and all I can say is, I'm glad you had fun, but I truly don't get it.  

Next up is the beach with my parents in early July.  Ten days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, hanging out with family and friends, reading lots of books, surfing, playing with the kids, getting a tan, relaxing.

And when that's done, I'll have to plan something else.  I'm thinking about climbing another Fourteener.

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