Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

Last Sunday when Dad was driving me to the airport after my reunion, we were talking about our family and he said, "you sure do have a wonderful mother."

"I sure do," I agreed.  "And you really lucked out to have married her."

And even including the year I was fourteen and a total hormonal bitch, I don't remember a time when I haven't appreciated how extravagantly I hit the jackpot to have you as my mom.

In addition to all of the mom stuff that you did so well - taking care of us, making us feel loved and safe, keeping our worlds spinning with school, sports, plays, and all of that - you were always fun and funny and interesting and compassionate and reasonable.  You're bubbly and positive and smart.  You read to us and encouraged us to explore the world.  You played "duck duck goose" with us in airports when our flights were delayed and our toddler selves were getting antsy and bored.

Mommy with baby Wendy
Ours was the house that our friends wanted to come to to hang out.  I remember when we lived in Israel, I would get home from whatever I did after school and classmates of mine, who didn't have such good relationships with their parents, would be in the kitchen with you, keeping you company while you made dinner.

When I went away to college, I missed you so much.  Back then, there was no internet or email or even cheap, easy international calling.  Calling you in India meant shitty, crackly connections and 3 minute phone calls that cost 10 dollars.  When I went home for Christmas break that first year, I remember flying into your arms at the baggage claim at the Delhi airport, and hugging you and hugging you and hugging you.  Even now, I still choke up a bit whenever we say goodbye after a visit.

You remain my strongest role model.  I try to raise my children the way you raised Josh and Sam and me, being loving and consistent. I try not to worry about things that I can't control, as you always taught me.  In my professional life, now that I supervise employees, I think about you have always treated your employees with fairness and compassion, and use that as my guide.

You have that wonderful exuberant laugh that everyone can pick out of a crowd.

I love that we still talk every day, about everything and nothing.  I love that when we're together, we have such a lovely easy time together - cooking, going for walks, exercising, whatever.  I love that when we are together, I still like to crawl into bed with you first thing in the morning to snuggle and talk.

Whatever you did and continue to do, it works.  People LOVE you.  Every time I've met a friend or coworker of yours, they've pulled me aside and said, "I just adore your mom.  She's the greatest."

All I can do is agree.

You're my favorite mom.


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