Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

The MIL chronicles are about to begin anew.  Long-time readers of this blog may remember when MIL and Pa came to visit us in Hawaii four years ago. 

MIL is arriving on Friday for another month-long visit.  Zeke hasn't seen her in four years, and Josie has never met her, so it will be nice for them to get to know their other grandmother.  And for J to spend time with his mother.

A month is a long time.  We do not have a big house (though we did create a guest room/office by moving Josie and Zeke into the same room, which they enjoy).  But at least I won't have a 92-year-old man sleeping on an air-mattress in my hallway this time, because Pa isn't coming for this trip (and I am not knocking Pa - he is a lovely man and I would welcome him). 

I have vowed not to be an asshole about this.  Everything will be fine.


Josie's pink frilly dress phase appears to have been short-lived.  My mother and I spent a frenzied week loading up her closet with cute little dresses and skirts, which she happily wore until last week.  This week she has insisted upon wearing pants to school. 

I can't win.


Yesterday after school J took the kids to Monkey Bizness.  While jumping around and playing, apparently some kid pushed and/or kicked Zeke in an effort to get him off of some piece of equipment.  Zeke went over to J, who told him that he hadn't seen what happened, but that Zeke would have to work it out with the kid.

Zeke went over to the kid, who was a lot bigger than Zeke, and shoved him hard on the shoulder, knocking him down onto his butt.  The kid left him alone for the rest of the night.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.


Another good month for my Beachbody business.  This month I gave myself a 60% raise over what I made in February, and am now covering one of the kids' daycare payments.  If you want in on this deal, let me know - it's incredibly fun and rewarding, not to mention lucrative.

Speaking of, I've got another challenge group starting April 16.  Celebrate getting your taxes filed by getting in shape for summer with a 60 day challenge.  In recent challenges, I've had people do so well that they not only lost tons of weight and felt great, but got off of thyroid and diabetes medication.  Pretty powerful stuff.


Tomorrow is a flex day.  I was going to go skiing (even though we've had such a shitty winter, snow-wise, that conditions are not good at all), but told J that I would stay home with him and get the house immaculate for his mother's arrival if I could go on Saturday morning instead.  Deal.

Happy Thursday, all!

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  1. "i have vowed not to be an asshole about this." -- Best line of the day. And why I love you, because I totally get it.