Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goodnight, nobody

Josie threw herself out of her crib last week, so last Friday I went to IKEA and got her her birthday present from her grandparents - new big girl (or should I say, little girl) furniture.  She and Zeke both love it so every night we sit on the couch in her room, turn off the overhead light, turn on the little pink flower light over her bed, and read books together.

It really is a different room now.  It flows better, it's more comfortable.  I don't know anything about feng shui, but my sense is, this room has it.  With the new furniture and new layout, everyone wants to be in there.

Last night's book selection was Goodnight, Moon.  Josie loves the part about "goodnight, mush" because she thinks the word "mush" is hilarious, and the part about the old lady whispering "hush," because we love to whisper the word "hush" together.

When we got to the end, "goodnight noises everywhere," Josie looked at the picture, with everything dark and quiet, the little rabbit asleep, and the old lady gone from her chair, and said, "where's the old lady?"

"She must have gone to her room to go night-night," I surmised.  Josie pondered that for a couple of seconds.

Then Zeke said, "I think she passed away," and cracked up laughing.  Josie started giggling and saying, "passed away! Passed away!"

I totally lost it, and soon all three of us were laughing uncontrollable.

Poor old lady.  And poor me, because clearly, neither of these goofy monkeys was going to sleep any time soon.


  1. Megan Wilhoit4:46 AM

    How wonderful to start my morning with a good, loud LAUGH! :)

  2. It was pretty funny. I doubt Zeke even knows what it means for someone to pass away, but I guess he thought it sounded funny, and then none of us could stop laughing.

  3. Hahaha! Oh, that poor little dead old lady bunny!

    I didn't have this book growing up, so I didn't know it until I started reading it to Jordan. Personally, I find the "goodnight nobody" kind of creepy.

  4. Me, too. I guess she needed a placeholder to retain the rhythm of the words. In any event, "goodnight mush" is next, which causes Josie to proclaim "MUSH! MUSH!" like she's driving an Iditarod sled. Then she collapses into giggles.

  5. Glenn Brown11:56 AM

    I read that book to all three of my kids. Collectively, I've spent days if not weeks on that book. For while i hated it and couldn't hear the word "mittens" without a wave of nausea sweeping over me. But now my baby's six and i miss it. I get all nostalgic whenever i see it. Man, I'm getting old.

  6. We're all getting old, babe. But it's better than the alternative.

    I can recite the book from memory. Sometimes when Zeke is having a hard time sleeping I'll lie in bed with him and whisper it to help him relax. It's very soothing.