Monday, December 20, 2010


So, yeah. 

J went in on Friday and, as expected, was laid off.  Apparently, the guy who was such a dick about the whole workmans comp dealio is the one that he talked to.  J said he was super-nice about it, like they were best mates all of a sudden.  And told him that it's a "temporary" layoff, so that if they get some work in the next 30 days or whatever, he'll be the first one they call up.

Mighty white of them, I say.  Merry Christmas, motherfuckers.

In any event, as far as J starting his own business goes, no time like the present, right?


  1. I'm hoping that Jason can land on his feet and get his own business going. It will be a challenge, but how nice it would be no to not have to worry about working for The Man.

    Nevertheless, that's some well-timed bull from his employer.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. As my mother observed, "they are truly disgusting people." Word.