Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've been doing a lot of blogging in the middle of the night lately.

It beats lying in bed and tossing and turning and thinking about the various things on my to-do list that are crowding my brain.

But the middle of the night is also a great time to get caught up on my shows.  My DVR does its thing, and then I watch my episodes of House or Mad Men or The Daily Show at 3 in the morning, when no one is clamoring for my attention and Zeke isn't asking to watch Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa for the 80 millionth time in a row.

But I can't focus tonight.  My chest feels tight and full of anxiety.

Could be the fact that I'm changing jobs soon.  Going to try my hand at being a special ed. specialist again, instead of a general education generalist, which, as it turned out, I am ill-suited for.

Or it could be that J and I can never seem to get caught up around the house.  I feel like I spend every spare moment unpacking a box or trying to figure out where something is going to go.

If I'm not actually doing renovations.  Like sheetrocking.  Here's a piece of my handiwork:
I still need to tape and mud, but the cuts are clean and that sucker isn't going anywhere.
And here's another.  And see that thermostat?  I wired and mounted that bad boy.
The duk-duk dancer is watching over my work.
It's been nice having J home again.  Did I mention he's home again?  Except that the reason he's home is that he has a double hernia and can't work and needs to have surgery.  So he's around, but I'm still doing plenty of the heavy lifting, literally.

Lately when I talk to my friends and family on the phone, they keep asking me if I'm OK.  And they don't sound like they believe me when I tell them I am.

I'm OK.  I'm taking my meds.  I'm stressed out, but I'm OK.

I guess.  I don't know.


  1. Oh, lovey. There never seems to be enough time to catch up when you move and you're renovating and you have kids. It's so hard. And then you add changing jobs and a husband who needs an operation on top of that - it's too much! Take your meds, breathe, and big hugs to you.

  2. Thanks, Lis. I appreciate it. I really am doing fine, just could use a couple of days of doing nothing.

  3. Michelle L.6:38 PM

    Hey Wendy, it was so good to see you in Atlanta. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Have you done a timeline of when you'd like the house renovations to be done? Maybe it would help seeing it on paper, and you'd feel like you have some breathing room. I hope your spedlaw job is a good fit and the transition easy.