Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lesson learned

Shopping is one of the rare times I have to myself, like, ever.  So while I actually don't like shopping all that much, my trips to the grocery store or to Target are sources of great peace for me.

I was at Target tonight shopping for stuff for the house -- utility shelves for the laundry room, an in-sink drain rack, contact paper for the drawers, a shower curtain, that sort of thing.  And all was going well, except for a pervasive feeling that people were staring at me. 

I checked my teeth.  I checked my fly.  I smoothed my hair. 

Nothing seemed out of place.

But the feeling persisted.  Occasionally I would look up and notice someone start to approach me like they wanted to say something, but then would stop themselves, as if they were unsure.

I was in the lampshade aisle, comparing the square medium-sized shade with the larger round shade, when I heard someone say, "excuse me!  Ma'am?  Ma'am!"

I looked up and saw a woman approaching.  "Yes?" I said.

"I'm trying to find a swiffer, you know, one of those sweeper things?  Do you know where I might find one?"

"Uhhh...." I responded, with what had to be an extremely confused look on my face.

Then she stopped short and put her hand to her mouth.  "Oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry!"

She obviously thought I worked there, and had just realized her mistake.

"Oh, it's OK," I assured her.  "I think the brooms are over in the next aisle.  I would look there."

She thanked me and scurried off, apologizing and obviously embarrassed.

 Then it hit me, and I started to laugh.

Moral of the story:  don't wear a red t-shirt and khaki-colored pants to Target.  Unless you really want to mess with peoples' heads.


  1. Hahaha! Alternately, if you want to feel popular, don the red shirt and khakis and head to Target.

  2. I could totally see you being helpful and then wondering WTF?

  3. LG- True. Though I don't know if I felt popular so much as like a bug under a microscope!

    Lisa - I think I tend to look like I know my way around, even when I don't -- I've had people stop me to ask for directions when I was wandering around like a lost tourist myself -- so I'm actually kind of used to it.


    a good way to get an employee discount...