Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chaos. But in a good way.

It's such a cliche, but Jesus Christ, moving sucks.  As many times as I've done it, it never gets any easier.  At least with this one, it's a local move, so I can be slightly less organized and still get it done.  But then I'm disorganized.

And for reasons that I don't understand, we decided to throw a little barbecue for Josie's birthday the night before the movers were coming.  So instead of spending valuable time getting ready, we were trashing the house with balloons and cupcake pans and dirty mixing bowls streaked with batter.  

But it was good to hang out with friends.  And Josie had fun doing the requisite destroying-baked-goods ritual of the first birthday.

To the victor go the spoils
 The move itself went fine.  The movers were great and worked quickly and efficiently.  But now we're in that stage of moving when we're technically in the house, but it's like living in a war zone.  There's debris everywhere.  I have no idea where anything is.  I'm all disoriented and keep walking into the wrong room.  Every time I take a step I trip over something.

But still, I love the house.  We're so happy.  I can mince down the block to grab a dozen eggs at the local grocer, or across the street for coffee, or two doors down for nails at the hardware store.  It's such a great neighborhood.  And the house, for all of the work it needs, feels like home.


  1. I love the pix!

    Your new place is going to be wonderful.

  2. That's perfect! That's exactly what you want to feel like. The chaos will dissipate.

    Jordan acted like we were stabbing him with hot pokers, trying to get him to taste a cupcake. No first birthday cake trashing for him. Too bad - makes for such fun pics!

  3. Russell Bennett10:02 PM

    I love your house and am so excited to visit after you guys are settled in!

  4. Awesome! I am so jealous of Josie double-fisting those cupcakes! I've been craving a cupcake for days..

    Your house sounds awesome. I know what you mean about a place feeling like home. My house in Columbia has a great vibe but also, strangely wonderfully, often makes me feel like I'm a child back in my parents' house. Sometimes I wake up and think I'm there. It is a very grounded and comfortable feeling.

    Good luck making it absolutely dreamy!

  5. you have a hardware store 2 doors down?????? I'm sooo jealous, how convenient. bit by bit, box by box, it will all get unpacked, I'm so glad you're loving it!