Thursday, September 23, 2010


My brain is pulled in too many different directions right now.

Moving day is Monday.  We're incredibly excited, but also getting stomachaches thinking about all the work that there is to be done, both in preparation for the move itself, and generally on the house.  We've knocked out the walls at the top and bottom of the stairs and are putting in new flooring.  We're putting in a closet under the stairs and reframing under the stairs to vault the hallway to match the line of the staircase.

The front entrance hall

That carpet and wallpaper are a crime against humanity.  Or at least against good taste.  And what the hell were we supposed to do with that space between the staircase and the wall?  Use it as a dedicated time out spot for Zeke and Josie??  Also, you can't see it in these pictures, but there was a wall and door at the top of the stairs that created the entrance to the upstairs apartment.

That brass fireplace hardware is heinous.  The fireplace doesn't work anyway, and there are so many restrictions against burning wood in Denver that it's not worth getting a mason out to rebrick it or whatever.  So we're going to eventually put in a gas fireplace that's black or grey metal.

Here's the progress so far:

That used to be a wall and a door.  It was visually and physically jarring to suddenly confront a wall at the top of the stairs, plus it completely chopped up the space.

That back ledge under the stairs will be taken out so that the entire hall into the back room vaults along the same diagonal as the front.

I will never understand why people put carpeting over beautiful wood floors.  But the wood is so old and trashed now -- all buckled and bowed and bent -- that we have to cover it up with new flooring anyway. That should be done today or tomorrow.

There are boxes to pack before the movers come, cleaning to do, a bed frame to order (J and Zeke trashed ours jumping up and down on it).

And yesterday I enrolled Zeke in preschool.

And tomorrow is Josie's first birthday.

And I've got a week left of Insanity, and then I go to another high school reunion (for my school in Israel).  I timed that one well, eh?

Everything's changing.  But I guess life is like a shark -- if you're not moving forward or changing, you're not really living, are you?


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    holy overwhelming, Sean and I are going through the same thing right now, HVAC changes, complete basement remodel, along with babies room and a billion other things. We feel your pain. it's very exciting in a way also though!!! that little hallway can be used as an organization centre for the kids, with buckets and baskets in a cubby hole kind of furniture piece. that way when they walk in the door, they learn to put their mitts, hats etc... in their bins so stuff doesn't get lost. just an idea, love soph

  2. I didn't have issues with the front entrance per se, but when the wall came down under the stairs, it created this space that seemed ridiculous to me. Now it creates a walkway to the backroom and the space just flows much better.

    And props to you, dearest -- I cannot even imagine doing this while pregnant. xoxo

  3. I can't imagine doing it while pregnant, either. Just living through construction other people were doing while I was pregnant was hard enough.

    Wendy, this is going to be amazing! Yay!

  4. It's going to be wonderful! You definitely have a lot going on. I thought of you today with your insanity workout. I walked into the gym prepared to just do a few minutes on the elliptical and then do a full upper body workout. But no. The trainer was there and she made me do a step class. MADE me. Not insanity, but definitely addictive.