Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another in a long string of (unsuccessful) attempts to raise the discourse 'round these parts

J was in Vail last night, so I had the kids.  We went to the park after school and Josie crawled around and ate wood chips while I pushed Zeke on the swings.  She crawled around and ate grass while he sprinted across the playground pulling the wagon behind him.  Then it was time to go home.
Zeke managed not to bump into the curb too many times, thereby increasing the comfort level of the ride
At home I fed them dinner (corn dogs!  Mom of the Year Award is a lock!) and we watched some Backyardigans and then I decided that we had watched enough TV.  I took Josie into the play room and we played with some musical toys and I started reading to her.  Not being able to resist being in on the action, Zeke ran in to join us.

Of course, he was naked.  Because he's always naked.  He's going through that naked phase that all kids go through, and when he's in the house, I'll give at least 1 to 5 odds that he's not wearing any clothes.  He walks in the house and immediately strips down.

I'm kind of jealous, actually.  It seems comfortable.  And it's helped immeasurably with the potty training, because he will use the potty every time when he's naked, but the minute there is some piece of something covering his nether regions, be it a diaper or big boy pants, he's much more likely to completely zone out and wet himself (or worse).  He's making progress going to the bathroom when he's wearing clothes, but I don't mind the nakedness if it means I don't have to clean shit out of a pair of underwear.

So we're sitting in the playroom, and I'm mentally patting myself on the back for getting my children away from the idiot box and engaging them in reading and educational play.  Josie is enjoying Tickle the Pig as Zeke squats down and listens and occasionally points something out to her.  He's a really sweet big brother.  "Look, Josie, there's a caterpillar!  See?  See?"

I praise him for being such a good boy.  "Zekey, you're being so nice to Josie.  You're a really good big brother.  I appreciate it."

He looks at me and gives me a big smile.  I'm feeling the love.

"I put my thumb in my butt, Mama!"



  1. Cackling!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you and your kids.

  2. Lisa -- thanks! Back at ya. :) I tried so hard not to laugh, but I pretty much guffawed in his face. Which only egged him on.

  3. Aw, you must be so proud. ;-)

  4. At the very least, I gotta give him props for his comic timing.