Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another day, another reunion

Growing up all over and moving every few years meant that I went to lots of schools.  Lots and lots of schools.  Eight before I went to college, to be precise.  And this appears to be the year of the international school all-class reunion.  July was for the India school, from which I graduated from high school.  This weekend is for the Israel school, which I attended from 6th through 9th grades.

As you all know, the India reunion was phenomenal.  Most likely because my experience in India was phenomenal -- a magical confluence of being in the right school in the right country at the right age with the right friends.

Israel was different.  I love the country, and I received a terrific education at the school and made good friends, but I don't feel the same nostalgia and longing for my time in Israel that I do for the India experience.  Maybe because I was at such a difficult age -- going through puberty with all of the horror that entails, including trying to figure out how to deal socially with my newly developed body and trying to feel comfortable in my own skin and not succeeding very often.  Being 12 and 13 years old and navigating the new world of leers and stares from older boys and men, and not knowing how to deal with it.  Being a freshman in a high school that was really small, so older kids and younger kids tended to hang out together more than they otherwise might have.  And feeling the pressure to grow up a little too fast as a result.

So I'm a little warier going into this one.  Probably for no reason -- I mean, for God's sake, it's been 26 years -- but I can't help it.

Still, I had some wonderful close friends with whom I have reconnected over the past few years via Facebook, and based upon the list of attendees, I will be seeing most of them.  Seriously, the turnout looks to be amazing.  It's going to be great fun.

But I'm nervous.


  1. I can understand that. I bet the minute you walk in, your nervousness will dissipate and you'll have a wonderful time.

  2. I'm with Lisa. I bet it'll be a blast!


    i recall you as part of the in-crowd…no