Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me. Maybe. Well, probably not yet.

I was chasing Zeke around this morning trying to get him dressed.  I managed to get him out of the way-too-small pajama bottoms that I, for inexplicable reasons, put him in last night, notwithstanding that they only came down to the middle of his calves and barely covered his ass.  I managed to get him out of his night-time diaper.  But when I tried to put him in his pull-ups, he kept kicking them off and trying to "hide" behind the couch cushions.

He still hasn't figured out that just because I'm not making eye contact with him, it doesn't mean I can't see him.

"Zekey, come on.  You need to get dressed.  It's time for you to go to school and for me to go to work."

"Noooooooo!  I don't want to wear a diaper.  I don't want to wear a diaper!"

"You don't?"


"Do you want to wear big boy underpants?"


"Are you sure?"


"Well, only big boys that use the potty get to wear big boy underpants."

He raced off to the bathroom and peed in the toilet.

When he came back to me he had a big smile on his face.  "I peed in the potty, Mama!"

"Yes, you did!  So I guess you get to wear big boy underpants!"

I went down to his room and got a pair of Diego briefs out of his drawer.  When I put them on him, he looked like he'd won the lotto.  He was so cute.  I don't know what it is -- when adult men wear tighty-whiteys, it's hard for them to look cool.  But little boys in little briefs are so adorable I can barely stand it.

So he got dressed and I got him off to school.  I kept telling him every five minutes, "Now remember, if you have to go potty you need to tell one of your teachers, OK?  OK?"

He yeah-yeah-ed me and ran off to play with his friends.

I called J to tell him.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed.  "Can you imagine how great it would be if one of the kids were out of diapers??"

"Yeah, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  I'm sure he'll have an accident.  We're not in the clear yet."

But it's a start.

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