Monday, August 16, 2010

How to effect a seamless transition in conversation

I read Lisa's blog post about having her IUD removed, and have been thinking about doing the same thing.    Having hormones coursing through my body, which is already full of chemical malingerers that trigger my depressive cycles, is unnecessary when I'm done having kids and there are other methods of keeping the rabbit from dying.

Immediately following a discussion of the thousands of dollars of repair required for one of our cars, I said, "on an unrelated topic, how would you feel about getting a vasectomy?"

J instinctively winced and drew his knees together.  "What made you think of that?"

"Well, we're done having kids, right?  So I'd just as soon get rid of the IUD and not have to deal with additional hormones that can mess with my depression meds."

"Sure, baby, if it'll help you feel better, I'll do it."

Later we were in the car with the kids, on the way to Target to pick up groceries and other supplies for our picnic in the mountains the next day.  J continued the conversation we had left off earlier.

"I'll get to recuperate by vegging on the couch and eating ice cream."

"I think you're thinking of a tonsilectomy."

"Huh.  Well, at least I can chill at home for a few days."

"Is it that long of a recovery?  I thought it was a fairly simple procedure that wasn't terribly intrusive or painful."

"S says he was home resting for a couple of days."  S is J's brother.

Zeke's ears perked up, and he chirped from the back seat, "Simon says!  Simon says clap your hands!!"

J and I immediately started clapping.


  1. Hey - thanks for the link. Snatchurally, I'm still waiting for the doctor's office to call me back. I will start bugging the heck out of them exactly tomorrow - Tuesday.

    The more I look into this thing, the more I realize it must go. But that's just me.

    I hear a couple of days of recuperation is all it takes. And a couple of ice packs.

    Let's clap!

  2. I mean the recupe and the ice for a vasectomy. Whoops!

  3. Haha! I knew what you meant. Or he could use ice cream instead of ice. ;)

  4. sophie L.1:12 PM

    my boss came to work that day, piece of cake. however, if Jason does need whiny man time, go for it! ;-) and have him put the bucket of ice cream between his legs while eating it. multitasking...

  5. I said this to Lisa and I'll say it to you - if we have another kid, then Nick is getting snipped. It just makes so much more sense for the guy.

  6. Susan O3:04 PM

    I'm so glad I got mine ... No more heart racing, anxious feelings and being unable to sleep:)

  7. Soph - he could probably use some whiny man time. He works hard, so why not? I told him he could pack his "cags" (as he calls them) in ice cream if it made him feel better.

    Lisa - it totally makes more sense for the guy.

  8. Susan - I remember you telling me you had bad side effects. Mine aren't terrible, but I don't doubt that I'll feel better without it.