Friday, August 06, 2010

Dear Humankind

We've been having a good run lately.  While there is the occasional annoying interaction with the odd asshat here and there, I have been amazed and gratified by your general benevolence and exemplary behavior, at least towards me.

To wit:

  • The past two times I've traveled by plane, getting through the security line with a baby and a curious toddler, dealing with strollers that have to be collapsed, shoes that have to be removed, bottles of formula and medicine that have to be declared, etc., has been a bit challenging.  Both times, I forgot about a more than 3 oz. bottle of hand lotion that I had sitting in the diaper bag.  Both times, the TSA agent could not have been nicer.  "This is obviously lotion that you need for treating a baby's diaper rash, right?  Right?"  He winked at me.  "Oooooh, right!  Of course!  Diaper rash!  Thank you!"
  • In trying to negotiate a deal for a 110-year-old house, everyone has been incredible, from the real estate agents to the mortgage broker to the inspection people to the seller himself.  I'm nervous about moving into a house so old, with all of the work that comes with it, but I think we'll get some needed repairs prior to closing, and the rest of the renovations we'll just take as it comes.
  • Last week I bought an exercise program on eBay.  It consists of 10 different DVDs.  When I tested the discs, 5 of them did not play at all.  I contacted the seller, who had indicated in the listing that he did not offer any refunds or exchanges, and asked if he could send me replacement discs.  He responded that he did not have replacements, but that he would give me a refund.  I said I would be happy to return the discs if he just sent me an address.  He said, not necessary, they're defective, don't worry about it.  And the money is now back in my PayPal account.  Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.
And of course, there is the unfailing and overwhelming sweetness and generosity of my family and friends.  My parents, who could not be more loving and supportive.  My siblings (both natural and in-law).  My cousins.  My nieces and nephews.  My husband.  My vast network of friends, of both the real-life and cyber variety.

I know many of your ranks perpetrate great evil and destruction and corruption in the world.  But lately, I'm definitely feeling the love.

Keep it up.

Best wishes and happy Friday,



  1. That is great Wendy, you deserve all the happiness in the world! 100 year old house sounds very cool.

    I smiled yesterday when a piece of mail had been delivered to the wrong address and someone took the time to notify the postal service and put a smiley face on the note.

  2. Aw, thanks, sweetie!

  3. A good run can make all the difference. I'm glad your balance has been tipping on the good side. Sorry to hear you were sick. Safe to assume you're better? I hope so.

  4. Just a little stomach bug. It gave me the opportunity to lounge on the couch and finish my book yesterday, so it wasn't all bad. :)

  5. Yay! Finally! You were just dealing with one thing and another and needing a break...and now it sounds like things are going wonderfully!

    I have learned how challenging (ha) old houses can be, and I hope yours is less so than ours and I hope you love yours just as much. So charming!

  6. Glenn B.1:57 PM

    I want somma what you're taking!