Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At least we made it a little further down Colfax...

Saturday was our monthly date night, courtesy of parents' night out at the daycare.

Again we dropped the kids off and walked up to Colfax, this time electing for steak at a local restaurant that seems to long for the days of the Rat Pack, as if, by keeping the doors open, Frank and Dino and Sammy will miraculously show up and ask for a drink.

But it was a lovely evening, so we sat on the patio and enjoyed our meals and shared a bottle of wine.  Of course, after spending a day at 10,000 feet, two glasses later we were ready to stumble over to City Park and cuddle up under a tree for a nap.

We managed to stay upright by grabbing coffee at Starbucks before heading up the street.  We sat in front of the fountain in the Esplanade in front of East High School, where our children will some day matriculate.

Colfax Avenue on a balmy, clear Saturday night
Sitting by the fountain clearly provided too much stimulation, so we decided to go across the street to the Tattered Cover and look at home renovation magazines for ideas on how to fix up our new house.


We walked back through the neighborhood to get the kids, stopping to look at our new house and to peek in the windows of our neighbors along the way.  "Oooh, look at their cabinets!  Those are nice!"  "I like the way they did their ceilings."  "I'd love to do our porch like that."  "Those little sculptures they have in front of the house look like ass."

We picked up our children, went home, and went to bed.

All of you out there that knew me in my wild and crazy days in high school and college -- hard to believe, isn't it?  Who is this boring person, and what have you done with Wendy?


  1. sophie9:37 AM

    Sean actually has to drag me along the sidewalk, he says that I shouldn't stop and look in peoples homes. So now I just walk really slowly.... ;-)

  2. Too funny! But you know, fun is what you make it. Having little kids, a new house to renovate, two jobs between you? You're not boring. You're tired. Deservedly so.

  3. soph - and you've got a good excuse for moving slowly. "Hold on, honey, my feet hurt, let's just stop in front of this tastefully renovated Victorian..."

    Lisa - No, it's OK. I'm boring. ;)

  4. I'm like this, and I don't even have kids to blame! By about 1030, 11 at the latest, I'm ready to be lounging on my sofa.

    I just tell myself I'm so happily married that I'd rather be at home with my husband than out with all those Other People, who are annoying. :)