Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Lately I've felt like I'm looking in a mirror when I look at Zeke.  Yes, he has Jason's coloring, but I've seen enough pictures of myself as a kid to know that the resemblance between us is uncanny.  Well, not uncanny, because I did create him, after all, so there's a ready explanation, but you know what I mean.

Other people see it too.  I saw my aunt at the passover seder, and she hadn't seen Zeke in a while, I guess.  She looked at him and exclaimed, "Oh, my GOD!  He's a little you!  He looks just like you!"

And he's starting to act like me, too.  Not in the sense that he mimics my actions as an adult, but he's doing the same things I did as a kid.

My mother tells this story about me when I was about 2 years old or so.

"Mommy, I need an ice cream," I told her.

"Honey, you don't 'need' an ice cream.  You want an ice cream, but you don't need it," she responded.

"No, Mommy.  I need an ice cream.  I need it."

Oy vey, I'm sure she thought.

Well, payback's a bitch.  The other night, I was getting Zeke ready for bed.

"C'mon, honey, let's go downstairs.  Time to get in bed.  We can read some books."

"No, Mama, I have to watch Elmo."

"Sweetie, you don't have to watch Elmo.  I know you want to watch Elmo, but it's late.  Time for bed.  You can watch Elmo in the morning."

"But Mama, I have to.  I have to watch Elmo now."

He didn't get to watch Elmo just then.  He got in bed and we read books and he went to sleep.

But, oy vey.


  1. I can't wait until Chloe starts hearing my voice come out of her face.

    And I now understand those smug looks my parents gave me a couple of weekends ago. I'm sure it had to do with seeing me with a teenage son who is frighteningly like I was and, ahem, still am.

  2. I remember seeing some pictures you posted of you as a little one and I thought they were pictures of Zeke that you doctored to look old-timey! You two look sooooo much alike.

    Wait...Zeke has Jason's coloring? I thought his dark hair and blue eyes were yours.

  3. My hair is more black/brown, whereas Jason's is a little lighter, more of a chestnut-y brown, and Zeke's hair is the exact same color as Jason's. J and I both have blue eyes, so the kids got them from both of us.

  4. And Anne, I added a link to an old post comparing old shots of me with shots of Zeke.

  5. I look like my dad, but I talk and act exactly. like. my momma.

    And I love it :-)

  6. I look alot like my mom, and am a combo of the two of them, personality-wise. I've got some (but not all) of my dad's crazy, and some (but not all) of my mom's rationality.