Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We may be married, but do we have to share *everything*??

Jason's pneumonia is better. He's back at work. But in keeping with the dark cloud/evil spirits that have apparently taken up residence in our house, he started getting congested on Friday or Saturday.

So he blew his nose.

And somehow, whatever he blew ended up shooting up his ear canal rather than out his nostril, building up an enormous amount of pressure and causing him terrible pain. Piercing, horrible pain that kept intensifying, and pressure in his ear that wouldn't ease up.

He went to the urgent care place, and they diagnosed him with an ear infection and put him on penicillin and gave him ear drops for the pain.

In the meantime, I've had a cold as well, mainly manifesting itself as an incessantly runny nose.

Sunday morning, we took the kids swimming at the local rec center. Everyone had fun, and then when we were leaving, I felt like I had some water in my ear, so pinched my nose and cleared my ears (like you on on a plane), heard a crackling sound like bubbles in my left ear, and then felt a huge buildup of pressure that wouldn't release.

As the day wore on, the pain in my ear kept building and building, to the point that I felt like the left side of my head was going to explode.

So I went to the urgent care place, and they diagnosed me with an ear/sinus infection and put me on penicillin (same kind and dosage as Jason) and gave me ear drops for the pain.

I told them I didn't need the ear drops because I could just borrow my husband's.

Since, apparently, neither of us is capable of blowing our nose without inflicting severe damage.


  1. the joys of being married! at least you didn't get the pneumonia!

  2. moosie, there is that.

  3. Agh! Ow! Terrible!

    But at least you have someone to blame it on. He totally gave you his ear pressure.

  4. Ohhhhh, my lord. HORROR. But I'm with Lisa... this is clearly all his fault.