Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Excuse me, sweet thing, may I offer you a sippy cup of Courvoisier?

It's been apparent for awhile that Zeke is quite the social butterfly.  He smiles and says hi to everyone on the street ("Hi, Man!  Hi, Lady!").  He knows the names of all the teachers and kids at his school, even the ones that aren't in his class.  He plays nicely with other children.  He's affectionate and sweet with the adults in his life, giving hugs and kisses freely.  

But I guess I didn't really dawn on me until last night how much he favors women and girls.  

Last night a group of my sorority sisters from UVa. (all of whom live in Denver - yet another reason I love living in this city) came over for a little get-together.  They were kind enough to come to me to accommodate my physical discomfort and my interest in not having to deal with child care and just being home so that I could just put Zeke to bed when it was time.

We had a lovely time catching up and it even turned into an impromptu baby-shower, as everyone turned up with baby presents, much to my surprise.

But the most remarkable thing about the night was what an outrageous little ladies' man Zeke is.  

He had been a little crusty before everyone arrived, largely because I wouldn't let him go to the park or take a bath (two of his favorite activities) when we were about to have guests.  But the minute the ladies arrived, it was like someone had flipped a switch, and he went into heavy flirt mode.

He showed off his Eric Carle animal flash cards, demonstrating his knowledge of the various animals and the sounds they make.  

He grinned and mugged, showing off his teeth and his dimples.  

The dimples are ridiculous

He named his various body parts and proudly displayed his belly and belly-button. He rolled around on the couch where everyone was sitting, cuddled up to Jen and Stacy, and give everyone a kiss goodnight.

He would give Leon Phelps a run for his money.  All he needs is a leisure suit and some toddler-sized gold chains.


  1. #1 Zeke is adorable! The dimples!
    #2 The baby shower sounds like a lot of fun - you're so close to being Mom of 2! Exciting!
    #3 I have a nephew who is a charmer of the ladies. He loves Dinosaurs and girls, it's so cute. He has 3 sisters, I think that is a major factor.

  2. He is the sweetest little thing. You're right - those dimples are ridiculous. The girls are going to LOVE him. And his ridiculous dimples.

  3. The dimples ARE ridiculous, and this just put a huge smile on my face. Love.

  4. I just need to echo that not only your son's dimples ridiculous, the rest of his cuteness is outrageously off the charts. It's crazy.

    Walt is a little more on the shy side. Perhaps he can be Zeke's wing man and pick up some tips.

  5. HKW - I am very excited about being mom of 2, but also a little nervous.

    Lisa - he is sweet and very cute, but he also knows it. He plays on us, quite successfully, at times.

    LiLu - it's hard not to grin back at the dimples. they blow me away.

    Anne - I think Zeke and Walt would get along great. But the strong silent type is a big lure, too -- I doubt Walt will need any help. He's a muffin.