Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Pregnancy Skinny

Who knew that it would take getting pregnant to hit on the surest, fastest weight-loss regimen I've ever used?  Not that the whole low-carb/high protein diet is a mystery to anyone, but even when I've done it in the past (with some success), I've never had an incentive quite as powerful as "no, you can't eat that or YOU'LL HURT THE BABY, YOU IRRESPONSIBLE HAG!!!"

So in the past week, since seeing the doctor and going on medication, I've been super, super vigilant (except for the ice cream cone I ate when Elizabeth and her family were in town, and we went with Kathleen and Rich and their monkeys up to Boulder to hang out for the day -- and believe me, I was shamed straight by my sky-rocketing glucose levels afterwards).  My breakfasts have consisted of either EggBeaters omelettes or protein shakes (made with water rather than milk).  I've snacked on protein bars and diabetes-friendly shakes.  My lunches and dinners are meat or fish with veggies.  I eat alot of Cobb salads.  I haven't had a piece of fruit or bread in what feels like dog years.

In the process, I've lost 4 pounds in a week.  And while it's not great to lose weight while you're pregnant, apparently it's not unusual for women monitoring their glucose intake to have some incidental weight loss in the process.  I'm still in the normal range as far as weight gain, so my doctor wasn't too worried.

And hell, it's nice to know what works, for purposes of losing baby weight.  I figure at that point I'll be so used the regimen that it won't be too difficult to continue it, assuming I can resist the urge to have Philly cheesesteak subs and strawberry rhubarb pies delivered to my hospital room the minute The Joey is out of my body.

In any event, I got my reward (or at least, some of it -- the true reward will be a reasonably-sized baby that I can deliver with 1 or 2 pushes).  I went in for an ultrasound this morning to check The Joey's growth, and she is perfect.  Like, exactly the size she should be, to the day.  And her brain is forming properly and her spine looks beautiful and all four chambers of her heart are doing what they should be doing and her little bones are the right size.  Her girl parts are still girl parts.*  Just like her older brother, she likes to hang out with her hands up by her face.  She's already head down and the placenta is up at the top of my uterus (and thus not blocking the cervix).   Perfect perfect perfect.

When you're pregnant, and particularly when you're pregnant and you've practiced special education law for 10 years, you become hyper-aware of all the things that can go wrong. Genetic abormalities.  Down Syndrome.  Malformed limbs.  Spina bifida.  The list goes on and on.  And even though the odds of everything going just fine are overwhelmingly high, it seems miraculous to me when the wonders of modern medicine allow me to go into a doctor's office and have the nice ultrasound technician show me my perfectly formed, perfectly developing little girl.  

*Apparently, when they determine the sex at 16 weeks, they make no guarantees, though with The Joey it was unlikely that the "it's a girl" verdict was going to turn out wrong.


  1. OH yeah! Between my advanced maternal age, and D being significantly older than me, and both of us being (or used to be) special ed attorneys--no kids for us! We joke that we'd be practically guaranteed to have a child with autism. Instead, I'll be stepmom to his grown kids. Perfect--for me!

  2. Suz -- you're not that old. I think you're still younger than I was when I had Zeke. But having kids isn't for everyone, and there are definitely days when I look back on my pre-motherhood days with longing.

  3. Yeah, it's definitely D's age that is a bigger concern. I'm 36. But, I've never had the tiniest twinge of an urge to have a baby, which tells me I do not need to have one!

  4. I remember losing 7 lbs in 2 weeks when I was monitoring my blood sugar too. And it does make losing the baby weight WAY easier. It's one of the great perks.

    Great news about the Joey!

  5. Anne - given all the angst I've directed toward weight loss over the course of my life, it's kind of crazy to see how (relatively) easily it can actually be done. I've still got a jones for one of your pies, though. :)

  6. I hate that you cannot eat all the goodies and fruits, etc...but overall it's all fabulous news...(You know I WORRY about all the things that can go wrong, too...) The Joey is all good, you're in the home stretch and strawberry rhubarb pie is not too far in the distance! I hate that we blew your numbers for you, though....(But that ice cream was gooooood stuff...)

    I'm so excited for you!

  7. Elizabeth -- you didn't blow my numbers. I'm a big girl, and I knew what I was doing. At this point, I'm so used to the eating regimen that I don't even think about it anymore (though when I was making banana bread for Zeke this morning the urge to gobble up the batter was pretty strong -- I resisted, though).