Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apparently, the traditional 3-year gift is leather. Rraawr.

Happy blog-iversary to me, happy blog-iversary to me...

I just realized today that a couple of weeks ago was my 3-year blog-iversary. I started this little piece of the internet in Hawaii, when I was there looking for a place to live. It was my way of keeping a journal and keeping up with family and friends who wanted to know about the details of the impending move and my life as a newlywed.

Over the years, it has chronicled both the mundane details of daily life and the emotional highs and lows of going through life -- my relationships with my friends and family, births and illnesses and deaths and triumphs and sadnesses. Struggling with depression. Life in Hawaii. The birth of my child, and the joy and hilarity he has brought into my life. Moving to Denver. The impending birth of The Joey. Trying to be a good mom. Learning how to speak "Aussie."

In the process, this blog has brought me new friends and reconnected me with old ones. I went to high school with Lisa, and we found each other on Facebook before finding each other's blogs. And it turns out that her husband, Nick, is law partners with a good friend of mine from college, who is married to one of my sorority sisters. And by clicking on links on Lisa's blogroll, I became friends with DCup aka The Other Lisa, through whom I "met" Dawn, through whom I "met" Suz. I was friends with Elizabeth before she started blogging, but through her I became friends with Anne (whom I've actually met in person -- she's awesome) and her husband Fred.

Not to mention the regular readers, some of whom I know from my non-internet life, and some of whom I know only through this blog, who regularly comment or send emails.

Even just tonight, I got an email from a woman who was a couple of years behind me in school in India. Apparently she has been reading the blog for awhile (after finding it through Lisa's blog), but only recently did she realize who I am --the older sister of her first boyfriend.

I love shit like that.

Particularly when I was in Hawaii and feeling so isolated, this blog was something of a lifeline. A way of feeling like I had a posse, even if I had never met most of them and they were thousands of miles away. And now it's just a regular, wonderful part of my life.

As a blog-iversary present, I'd love to hear from you (you don't need to send me something leather). Share a crazy small-world internet or blogging story, or just leave a comment and say "hello." You all make my life richer, and I appreciate it more than I can say.


  1. happy anniversary! I love reading your posts, it's like we're connected again, all the way from high school. I've loved reading about your life, I was even talking about you just yesterday, explaining about the tantrums and the magazine. Thanks for allowing us to follow you through the rollercoaster of life, big hugs, soph

  2. Happy bloggaversary! I've enjoyed reading you since you first commented on something a while ago now! Time flies.

    Small world? How about this one: That other Lisa and the cousin of an old boyfriend of mine are friends on FB. I just happened to notice that the other day on Lisa's friends pix on her sidebar. And the old BF's cousin and I have never met nor does she read my blog, that I know of. Small world.

  3. Susan O.10:23 AM

    Wendai- I love reading your blog- reminds me why I love you so much. You're so honest! My favorites are your letters to the mean/strange people you encounter along the way. I also LOVE reading stories about Zeke- what a great documentation of milestones (of all kinds). Makes me feel like I see you more than I do! Can't wait to meet the baby girl and hear about the joys she brings to your family! xoxo

  4. I love reading your blog and resting assured that you are still crazy-ass crazy and funny as ever, even if I don't get to see you as often and witness it in person. ; )


  5. Congrats on 3 years of writing, Wendy. Your blogging makes me feel less crazy and certainly more connected. You have inspired me to take an improv class, keep blogging despite my demons and enjoy more moments with Walt.

    Here's to another 3 years of you continuing to inspire all of us.

  6. Jen L.5:53 PM

    i love staying connected to your life through your blog. my latest small world story: i just joined fb two months ago, but one of the first things i figured out was that a woman named kerry, who is friends with 3 of my friends in town, went to high school in LA with Suzanne, a long-lost friend from grad school. THAT is a stretch.

    much love and keep the blogging going for years to come :)

  7. Sophie - so great to be back in touch with you as well. I've been voting for your IKEA basement, fingers crossed you guys win. xo

    Lisa - I love small world stories like that. I think the Six Degrees of Separation theory actually requires fewer "degrees" in most instances, especially with the internet.

    Susan - love you too, babe! xoxo

    Andrea - I think you need to do another trip out here. I miss you!

    Anne -- thank you so much. That is an incredibly lovely thing to say. I'm so glad we've connected.

    Jen - Facebook is the shiz. I've reconnected with so many people, and discovered so many crazy unknown connections.

  8. Michelle LeGault7:52 PM

    I am one of your non-Facebook former face-to-face Atlanta friends who laughs raucously at your Dear Bitchface, Love Wendy and other posts. I so love them, keep them up. Happy happy 3rd to you! Miss getting these type of rants in person. Glad you are enjoying Denver. Hi to Kathleen and the pack out West.

  9. I find the Dear Bitchface letters to be very cathartic. We miss you -- you and Michael should come out and ski this winter!

  10. Wendy I have been loving your blog (especially Dear Bitchface blogs) and am loving it even more now that I figured out I actually know who it is that is cracking me up! Happy 3rd Blogiversary!! ps: on a sidenote....pregnancy brain doesn't necessarily go away after the 2nd pregnancy. It sort of manifests in to Mommy brain. Love from one previously smart mom to another...

  11. Lori - the small world connection cracks me up. So glad to have reconnected with you!

  12. Oh Wendy,
    Hmmmm small world connection...since I have mom brain, I cannot remember what the instructions were, but let me tell you keeping up with you via blog and skype and the like has made the world a much much smaller place. And I mean that in the best possible way. I feel like our friendship hasn't faltered a bit even though the millions of miles and however many time zones. So yay technology. And congratulations on 300th post.
    I love you,