Monday, July 13, 2009

I believe I need to revise my previous statement...

Remember when I went on and on about how I think I'm a good mother?

Yeah, I need to revisit that assessment.  

Because last night, in an effort to get Zeke to eat something -- anything -- 

I gave him cake and ice cream for dinner.  

Even as it was happening, Jason and I were shaking our heads and saying, "I can't believe we're doing this."  But he hadn't really eaten all day, and was getting crankier and crankier and clearly needed something in his belly, but just kept refusing everything that was offered.

So instead of vying for Parents of the Year, we're vying for Crappy Parents of the Year.

Please don't call social services.


  1. That's insane. If you gave him cake EVERY night for dinner then....we might question your parental suitability. But for now, I'd be questioning your sanity if you HADN"T fed him cake.

  2. Oh dear. That does not make you a bad mother.

    It makes you a mother who is very aware of and sensitive to the needs of her child.

    Zeke just needed food. And you needed a child who wasn't losing it.

    You did it once. Not every day. I think he'll survive.

    In fact, I know parents (they're kids are my age) who would once or twice a year have a day where the kids got to eat anything they wanted to that day, nutrition be damned. Just because it was fun and kids need to have fun sometimes.

    You are a great mom. And you know it!

  3. And this is why I love you guys.....

  4. Mmmmmmm! Cake for dinner. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Seriously, what are you supposed to do? Let the kid melt down into a puddle of toddler insanity? No way!

    Besides..if I remember the Cosby bit correctly...doesn't cake contain milk and eggs? I believe it does!

    "Mom is great. She gives us chocolate cake..."

  6. Kevin - I aim to please. Glad to be of service.

    Anne - Hee!! Love the Cosby line. You're, right, it does contain milk and eggs, so he was getting some protein. I feel much better now.

  7. We used to have breakfast for dinner sometimes, and I can't say pancakes and eggs are actually all that different - so much sugar in the syrup. Cake and ice cream is totally dairy and protein. Also, this reminds me of an old, old Bill Cosby record we used to have. I loved the skit where he feeds his kids chocolate cake for breakfast.

  8. Oh, which I just realized is totally what Anne said above. That whole record, which is long gone by now, rocked.

  9. Lisa -- you're right. Many's the day when I've decided I really had to have pancakes for dinner, and it truly isn't much different than just plunging my face into a big piece of cake.