Friday, May 29, 2009

Child labor is fun!

In one of the more famous (and delightful) scenes in American literature, Tom Sawyer is charged by his Aunt Polly with the task of whitewashing her fence.  Through cunning and reverse psychology, he convinces his friends to do the job for him by planting the idea that it's a pleasure to do so, so much so that his friends barter their goodies -- an apple, a prized toy -- for a chance at whitewashing fun.

I doubt Jason has ever read any Mark Twain, but he (Jason) would have made a great Tom Sawyer.  

Last night when I got home from work after picking Zeke up from school, I was exhausted.  I've been sleeping somewhat better, but yesterday was one of those days when I felt like the Joey was just sucking all of the energy right out of my body.  I sat at work trying to stifle yawns and keep my eyes open.  So when I arrived home, Jason told me to get some rest and that he would entertain Zeke.  

I shed my work clothes and climbed into bed to read and relax.  But I could hear Jason and Zeke outside together.  I chuckled at Zeke answering "yah" to every question Jason asked.  This is one of his newer tricks (and one he totally gets from me).  Ask him anything -- "Zekey, are you hungry?"  "Do you want some water?"  "Does Daddy need a haircut?"  -- and the answer will be a determined "yah!"

Then they were walking around and chattering, playing with trucks, pointing out a passing firetruck ("aya-tuck!"), futzing about with things in the garage.  It was very cute.

I went back to my book.

I heard them go onto the back patio, which is terribly overgrown with weeds.
Jason:  Pull that one, buddy!  Right there!  Good boy!  Now put it in the bin.

Zeke:  Bin!  

Jason (clapping)  : Yayyyyy!

Zeke (also clapping his hands):  Yayy!

Jason:  OK, now go pull that other one.  Not there, over that way.  Good boy!

Zeke:  Yayyy!!
My first thought was, "he's using our toddler to do yardwork.  That's not right."

My second was, "maybe I can teach Zeke to massage my feet."


  1. Jason is brilliant. Run with it. I mean, do you want to be like me and find yourself posting FB comments on your kid's profile telling them to clean the bathroom?

    No. No you do not.

  2. i did the same thing with Lydia the other week in terms of weeding. Told it was good for the earth and she was on board