Monday, April 06, 2009

Help! My body has been invaded by a space alien!

The pregnancy is going well. I'm feeling fine and all seems to be progressing appropriately. Last week I went in for a 14 week ultrasound. We got some 4-D shots in addition to standard ultrasound images.

(The space alien, hand to forehead, proclaims "woe is me!")

(Profile shot -- nice strong spine, cute button nose)

I'm still at the point where the baby is too small for me to feel any kicks, so when I saw him (I don't know that it's a boy, but I don't feel like saying "him/her" every time) bopping around like he was attending a rave, it was thrilling. When I start to show a little bit more (right now I still look chesty and chubby rather than pregnant), I'll start posting "bump" pictures.


  1. Hey! He does look like a little alien! We got to see 4D on the screen but didn't get any pics. It's so cool though!

  2. I looooove the 4D shots. We got some of Zeke's face when I was at about 34 weeks or so, and it's just amazing.

  3. Joey is lovely! And those shots are fantastic. We have some 4-D from about 22 weeks. And he looked exactly the same when we met him. I'm so glad all is going well. I want to talk with you soon. BigD is here until early maybe later that day when you guys wake up? Love, e

  4. Baby!!!!!

    This is so exciting to watch you guys with your growing babies. Okay - I know you're not guys, but you know what I mean.