Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My life is consumed with stuff these days. What stuff we're taking with us. What stuff we're selling on Craigslist. What stuff we're donating to Goodwill. How to get temporary stuff to use in Denver before our shipment of stuff gets there.

It's exhausting.

The move is coming along swimmingly. It's pretty much completely organized. We've hired movers for the household effects and the cars, the house is rented, we've signed a lease on a place in Denver, and I'm in the process of organizing the house.

The worst part is my office.

I have two filing cabinets full of stuff to cull through. I've filed the tax returns and organized the related documents we need to keep, so now it's down to making piles. And my shredder is working overtime -- I've almost burned the motor out twice.

And then there's the difficulty of figuring out what to keep and what to throw out.

I am not a pack rat. There is nothing I like more than going through old things and throwing most of them away. But I'm finding myself sentimental about Zeke's "artwork."

Every day at school, the wobblers do an art project. Even at the tender age of 1, there is an explicitly established curriculum. For example, this week, one of the things the kids are learning about is the mail system. Don't ask me how 1 year olds can possibly have any concept of sending or receiving mail, but I'm not a professional educator, so what do I know? Anyway, this week's art projects all involve the mail. On Monday they glued pieces of construction paper together to make a mailbox. On Tuesday they used crayons to scribble on "envelopes." Today they're playing with stickers to represent stamps. You get the idea.

This is one of my favorites -- Halloween project with footprint ghosts

Thanksgiving project. As far as I can tell, the teachers cut out pictures from the Safeway sale flyer and the kids glued them onto a piece of paper. Wonderfully random.
"My Family" -- not sure if I should be concerned about this one.

Don't know what the theme was, but it employs Australia's sporting colors, so we may have to stick this one in a frame.

My feeling is that these "art" projects are fun ways for the kids to work on motor and sensory skills involving gluing and working with paper and all that, but there isn't anything particularly original or creative about the finished product. It's very cute, but I certainly don't delude myself into thinking that when Zeke was smearing glue on a particular piece of construction paper, he had any idea of what he was creating or any editorial input into the final result. He's not exactly on the verge of cutting off his ear and changing his name to "Vincent."

But I can't bring myself to throw them away. They're so funny and cute, and while I know they will serve no purpose other than to sit in a box and gather dust, it seems worth it for the once every blue moon that we'll drag them out and look at them when Zeke is 7 or 15 or 25.


  1. Or when his grandparents come to visit.

  2. But of course, madam.

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Don't feel bad, Wendy.

    I have almost every single piece of artwork that my kid ever created. Some pieces (like the macaroni ones) fell apart over time. And now that he's in school, I have quite a few redwells packed full of ALL of his schoolwork from K-4 to the present taking up residence on my dining room floor.

    I know that with each week I need to be tossing out these completed assignments, with the exception of the spelling lists. Those come in handy to test the little booger's spelling skills.

    Maybe when I finally get around to folding the laundry that I washed 2months ago, I'll clean out that, too.

    Yeah. Maybe.


  4. Seriously keep at least some of them. My Nana framed a drawing my mom made of the family when she was about in second grade. She had mom sign it and then dated it as well. It was hung on the walls of the playroom and I love love loved looking at it and imagining my mom doing it when she was my age.

    In other news, you've been busy!

  5. Oh boy. I have stacks of Rubbermaid containers filled with kids' keepsakes. Some day I have to cull them, but for now, we'll schlep them to the next house. And the next one.

    Congratulations on all the fabulous changes and for being ahead of the game on all of it!

  6. how about shipping your favorites and scanning the rest? love soph