Friday, January 16, 2009

Slightly breezy with a chance of stupid

We've been having forecasts of winter "storms" blowing in from the west (unusual, since most weather here blows in from the northeast), bringing massive surf and high winds gusting up to 50 to 60 mph.

And that's it. Maybe a little bit of rain, but no major precipitation. Just big surf up on the north and west facing shores, and wind.

And yet, everything, and I mean everything, on the island is shut down. Because of a forecast of wind. All schools are closed, including Zeke's daycare, all government jobs have the day off, trash collection cancelled, beaches closed, everything.

The decision to close the daycare was made sometime early this morning, so I didn't find out until I pulled up to drop Zeke off. I asked why the school was closed, and the director said, "because we don't know what the weather is going to be like later."

Um, true enough. But given that the school has walls and a roof, I'm not sure why wind would be such an impediment to staying open. Maybe it's me.

Anyway, true to the forecast, last night and today are windy. But no more windy than your average windy day. And this morning, we went up to the north shore to check out this allegedly giant surf. The water looked rough and churn-y, but nothing earth shattering.

So many people, when they find out I live in Hawaii, get all gushy and "oooooh, you're so lucky, paradise la la la."

And I'm all, yeah, the weather's great and it's fun to be able to surf all year and never have to put on anything heavier than a long-sleeved t-shirt, but there are plenty of things about this place that make me crazy.

Like today.


  1. Like Atlanta when there's a serious prediction for snow or ice. It's taken some getting used to because in Chicago, you just push on through it, but I don't really mind now because it's expected that you just stay home.

  2. I remember that about Atlanta. But at least in Atlanta, when it's icy, it can get really dangerous. I still don't understand what would be so horrible about some strong wind -- assuming the forecast is accurate -- that would require everything to shut down. The guys on the radio were seriously advising everyone to bunker down and stay indoors. WTF?

  3. It seems like a complete over-reaction to me. Afraid of downed lines and trees? That's a pretty big if, though.

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    The potential for snow in ATL...guess the grocery stores will soon be devoid of bread & milk.

    And all of the professional non-drivers will be out in full force.



  5. Perhaps they are worried that since it's a relatively small area, people may blow off into the water.

    On the other hand, I'll bet there was no traffic. Gotta love that...