Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How's Zeke?

He's fine. The cut is right on the line with his eyebrow, and did not require stitches. It's healing up just fine with the butterfly bandage. He's been happy as ever, eating and sleeping fine, not in any pain that we can tell.

And no, he isn't drinking shampoo. It's an empty bottle that we washed out and now he uses it as a bath toy.

As DCup stated, we've joined the Benign Neglect club. Yay?


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    He seems to be absolutely fine. Good thing is that he's still little so any scars will minimize as he gets bigger.

    Tell him the Beck's better than the Johnson's!


  2. Sherice is right on all counts. He seems fine. And Becks is definitely superior to Johnson and Johnson's.

    He is absolutely adorable! Love that curly hair.

    Benign Neglect. Trust me. You'll all be happier for it. (And for some of us, it's the default parental setting. It might have something to do with tolerance for risk.)