Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The van is ready, and didn't even cost an arm and a leg to fix. (Never mind that we bought the damned thing a month ago and have driven it a total of two days). Jason started work this week and is doing really well already -- the foreman loves him because he's efficient and he knows his shit. I'm in my second trimester and no longer on quasi-bed-rest -- I started exercising again and feel a million times less sluggish and energetic already. And Kathleen and Michele are going to use frequent flyer miles and do an impromptu visit out here next weekend. I think we're going to do a day trip to the Big Island and see the volcano. Woohoo!

This is all such good news, because I've had a bit of a rough week. With Jason gone at the crack of dawn, I've been completely by myself all day for the first time since we got here. And with the van in the shop, he's been using my car, so not only have I been by myself, but I can't even take little breaks into civilization to run errands or anything. Yesterday I felt very lonely and isolated and spent much of the day either in tears or on the verge thereof. But I'm much better today, and so excited to have some members of my posse out to visit me. They are just the best and I love them like crazy.

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