Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Relaxation, Hawaii style

Jason has become good friends with a guy that he works with, Francis. Francis is a born and bred Hawaiian, as is his wife, Kim. Francis's family has a house on Sunset Beach (up on the North Shore), and the house is literally on the beach. You walk out the back door and through a gap in the hedges and you are on the beach. Francis and his family invited us up there for a barbecue on Sunday night. We had Hawaiian barbecue, played with Francis's kids in the water, watched the sunset, and hung out on the beach in front of a huge bonfire. Not a bad way to spend a balmy summer evening.

Francis mans the grill

Sunset at Sunset Beach

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  1. Oh, my God!! You are killing my day with these pictures!!It's Friday and already can't work. But when I see this lovely sunset, I can only think about holiday!!