Monday, April 16, 2007

Lovely day

It's only 11:40 in the morning, and already the day has been a cracker (to use one of Jason's favorite bits of Aussie slang). To begin with, we're still basking in the glow of our first date with Janet and Sean, the couple we met at the seder a couple of weeks ago. We met them in town last night for a really yummy Thai dinner, and just had a fabulous time hanging out with them. They are so funny and cool and easy going, and the four of us had a great time. Jason and I were so funny before hand - it really was like having a first date with a new prospect. We were all nervous about what to wear and whether they would like us. Even when we first met, we weren't sure if we should wait a few days to call -- a la Jon Favreau's character in Swingers -- or risk looking like desperate losers. But all went well, and we're very excited to have some actual friends here in Hawaii.

Today was also the day I went in for genetic screening, including the mack daddy 3D ultrasound. I'm in my 13th week, and the baby is about 2 1/2 inches long -- exactly the right size. The heartbeat is perfect, everything looks good, and the little monkey was hopping around like a jumping bean. The doctor was trying get some very specific shots at specific angles to take some measurements, and the kid wouldn't sit still. It was very funny and cute and exciting.

Also, Jason took his journeyman's exam to get into the Hawaii electrician's union today, and he totally killed it. The union guys were so impressed with him that the president of the union called him into his office to talk to him. It looks like he'll be starting work really soon, possibly this week, and should be paid at a pretty high rate on the scale because of his skill level. I'm so proud of him.

In other news, we had an absolutely outstanding visit with David and Michele -- saw lots of beautiful beaches, went on a helicopter ride around the North Shore and Windward side, relaxed, worked on our tans. It was so nice to hang out with good friends, and taking them around gave me a newfound appreciation of what a beautiful place I live in. Also, our stuff came, so we're in the process of putting the house together, hanging pictures, arranging rugs and furniture. We went to Macy's and used some of our wedding gift certificates to stock the kitchen and get nice new sheets. Jason bought a crappy old van for $1000, and it's in the shop getting fixed up, so now he's got a vehicle to cart his tools and surfboard around in. Everything is coming together nicely.
Waimanolo Beach on the Windward side:

Our helicopter and pilot:

Aerial shot of the North Shore. The waves were firing -- 10 to 18 feet:

A tiny little secluded cove on the North Shore -- we were the only ones there:

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