Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Panic sets in

Our chores are all done.  We're all organized.  The car is at the port ready to be shipped, the dog is cleared to be released from the quarantine department at the Honolulu airport.  Everything is set.  So why am I now starting to have a massive anxiety attack?  Partly because tomorrow it all becomes real -- this thing that has been out there for so long finally becomes a reality.  Partly because I'm worried about the dog.  Poor Max has never flown, and he's a big ol' pussy, so I'm worried about him being miserable.  I know he'll survive it, and once it's done, he never has to do it again, but I'm still all agitated on his behalf.  I'm also a little bugged because I'm trying to get an OB appointment and so far everyone I call is booked through late April, which is unacceptable.  But I'll get through it.  Everything will be taken care of.  And tomorrow, after weeks of being in limbo and feeling like a nomad, I will finally be in a place that I can start calling "home."

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