Cast of Characters

Wendy -- your hostess for the evening.

Born in Cyprus and raised overseas by nomadic parents in the American diplomatic corps.  Member of the Tribe.   Decent singer.  Mediocre player of the banjo.  Excellent knitter.  Enjoys skiing, surfing, reading.  Was once the 25th caller to win Rusted Root tickets.  Speaks Spanish, reads Hebrew.  Obsessive about knowing the answer.  Terrible memory for faces, but near total recall of conversations and dialogue, and celebrity trivia.  Lawyer by trade.

Zeke -- the boy.

AKA The Monkey, Zekey-beans, and Zekey-frijoles (TM Michele).  Born in Hawaii, but moved to Denver at age 1, where he was forced to overcome his aversion to shirts with sleeves.  Crazy energetic. Crazy funny.  Crazy smart.  A bit of a mama's boy.  Loves to make messes and then act like I'm threatening to kill his puppy when I ask him to clean them up.  Social chair of his group of friends.  Sweet, friendly, stubborn, affectionate.  Balls-out, fearless skier and flag-football player.  Future lady-killer.

Josie -- the girl.

AKA Jo-Si-Jo, JoJo, Josie-bug.  Born in Denver.  Started sleeping through the night at 3 months, causing her mother to nominate her for sainthood.  Hilarious, sassy, and cheeky, but also a sweet, benevolent soul.  Doesn't take shit from anyone, particularly her brother.  Super-friendly to everyone.  Developing a distinctly goofy, hammy side - she's like a vaudeville performer willing to do any corny thing for a laugh.  Gorgeous even though she refuses to brush her hair except upon being threatened with having it all cut off.