Monday, April 15, 2013

Trains, planes, automobiles, and then some.

Spring break was spent in Washington, DC (northern Virginia, really) with my parents for four days, and then the remaining three days in New York City.

The transportation was varied and was, for the kiddos, the most exciting part of the trip.

We flew on big airplanes that had animals on the tails.  Zeke and Josie argued over whether the one on our plane was a coyote or a fox.  (It was a fox.)

We rode the Metro in DC, which goes above the ground and below the ground AND IT GOES UNDER A RIVER, MAMA!!

We went to the American History Museum, where you can climb around on an old Good Humor truck.  Inside we saw Dorothy's ruby slippers, which was a very big deal.

And I mean inside the museum, not inside the Good Humor truck.

We rode the Amtrak train to New York City -- an astoundingly civilized way to travel (certainly compared to air travel).  So comfy and stress free.

Josie decided to liven it up a bit by coloring the entire bottom half of her face red right before we had to get in the car to leave for the train station.  She looked like a victim of severe sunburn.  But she didn't care. 

Once in New York we rode in a taxi to Brooklyn (where we were staying courtesy of the generosity of my friend Anne).  When Josie got in the taxi, she gave me a worried look.

"Mama, are we in trouble?"

"No, why?"

"Because this taxi looks like a police car."

(Which begs the question, "how the hell would you know?" but I let it go.)

The next day we rode the subway to go see my brother Sam.  Zeke and Josie made friends on the subway.

When we got off the train, the kids yelled, "Bye!  We love your hair!"

The next day we rode the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty.

Then the next day we took a car service to the airport, and flew back home.  Where we promptly all climbed into bed and slept (and watched basketball).