Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That was Zeke, rush chairman, he was damn glad to meet you.

Zeke has always been an extraordinarily social kid.  From the time he was able to demonstrate that he knew people's names and their relationships to each other, he has known the name of every kid and every parent from every school/daycare facility he attended, and they all knew him.  When we walk up to the playground in the morning where his class assembles before the bell rings, he's calling out to everybody -- "hi, Costa!"  "Good morning, Mazzie!"  "What's up, Avery!" and also chatting up their parents, all of whom know his name.

"Who was that?" I'll ask.

"That's Leo's mom.  Her name is Lisa."

He likes everybody and says "hi" to everybody, even our Douchebag Next Door Neighbor.  "Hi, [Douchebag]! We're going to school!  See you later!"

Maybe it's just a function of my generally introverted nature, but I barely know any of the kids' or their parents' names.  I recognize their faces (usually) to say hello, but that's about it.

A few months ago my mom came to town to stay with the kids while J and I went to Vegas for one of my high school reunions.  She took them to the Greek diner on the next block for something to eat.  When they were walking home, Zeke said, "Mimi, come here, I want you to meet the guys in the alley."

Mind you, the kid is 5.  But he's simpatico with the "guys in the alley."

So they went around to the back of the row of stores (where the dumpsters and parking are), and there were three old Greek guys who sit outside on plastic chairs, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and kibbitzing about whatever old Greek guys kibbitz about.  I think one of them owns the diner or something.

Zeke walked up to them, introduced himself with a handshake, and started to chat them up.  Turns out one of them has a granddaughter who goes to Zeke's school, but, as Zeke explained to him, she's in Miss Becky's class, not in his class.  He told them about how he had gone to the zoo and how he liked the science museum, and about what he was doing in school.  After a few minutes, he shook their hands to say goodbye, and went on his way.

I think I have a future senator on my hands, God help me.

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