Thursday, August 11, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

I've been crazy busy both at home and at work.  I feel like my head is full of things I want to write down in an organized way, but I can't because it's all crammed in there too tight for me to present anything except in bullet form. 
  • J started on the night shift last week.  So he works Sunday night to Thursday night, from 9 pm to 5 am.  It actually hasn't been too bad, because he still picks the kids up from school in the afternoons and then plays with them for a little while before bringing them home for dinner.  We hang out for awhile, then he goes to work and I get the kids to bed.  Then he's home when we get up in the morning.  Sometimes he gets the kids up and takes them to school, sometimes he's too tired, so I do it.  But we see each other about the same as we did before, except that we don't sleep together.  Ships passing in the night and all that.  Such is the modern life.
  • We went to a really fun party last weekend, hosted by the parents of one of Josie's classmates.  It was a quasi-dressy garden party, so I wore my sassy reunion dress and J wore a nice shirt and linen pants.  We met some really cool people and had a blast having a night out with no kids.  But J being J, he abandoned his shoes at one point, stepped on something and sliced open the ball of his foot.  A first aid kit was produced and I proceeded to do surgery by cutting away this massive chunk of bloody skin that was hanging off of him, then cleaning and bandaging the wound.  At least J was so drunk ("beer-then-liquor-never-sicker") that it didn't hurt him too much.  When he went back the next day to retrieve his wallet or whatever he had left, he asked Erin, the hostess, if she had a good time.  "Well, one person sprained their ankle, another fell down the stairs, there's blood on the patio and the house smells like weed.  So I guess it was a successful party!"
  • Tomorrow is another flex day.  I'm getting a massage, organizing the kids' clothes drawers, and maybe going to IKEA, which opened a Denver branch a couple of weeks ago.  I've never been to an IKEA.  I may have a spontaneous orgasm upon walking into the place.  I'll let you know.
  • Wonder of wonders, J and I are having another date night this weekend.  I KNOW!  Two weekends in a row!!  This time we're going with some friends to watch the USA v. Canada in rugby.  I've never played rugby, but both my brothers have played, J played as a kid in Australia, and the guy we're going with plays in a local rec league.  It's actually a really fun game to watch, plus it'll be great to hang out with friends and have a grown-up night out.
  • Continuing the theme of men being clueless when they enter the confines of a grocery store or similar retail establishment, J noticed that Zeke was running low on night-time pull-ups (he's toilet trained during the day, but wears a pull-up diaper at night) and offered to pick some up on his way home from work.  I said, "the ones he's been wearing are 4T-5T and they're a little big on him.  Get the 3T-4T size."  J said, "right, got it."  He came home with baby diapers (not pull-ups) in a size 4 -- which is what Josie wears.  Zeke hasn't worn size 4s for at least 2 1/2 years.  I can't win.
Happy Thursday, all!


  1. Enjoy the spontaneous orgasm. It is inevitable.

  2. So did IKEA knock your socks off?

    And really, you have nerves of steel with all the wounds you've just been calmly tending to. I have thankfully not done the before before liquor never sicker in quite some time.

  3. Anonymous7:54 AM

    IKEA is a mind numbing store. I've only been in the Atlantic Station location once. It was too much to ingest. I just got the new 2012 catalog & saw some things I'd love to have so I may have to try it again one day...when I'm drunk.

    Also, may I suggest you start sending Jason picture messages of the items that he needs to look for when going to the store. Men tend to be more visual.