Thursday, June 02, 2011

As Churchill said, the only thing to do when you're going through hell is to keep going.

It's been a rough couple of week.  Hell, a rough month. 

J got home from Australia (after being detained in secondary security for an hour and a half, once again to be accused of procuring his green card through fraudulent means).  But the jet lag coming back is a million times harder than it is going.  So even with him home, I didn't get much of a reprieve because he was exhausted and drooling on the couch by 6:30 every night.

Then the jet lag passed, but the kids both got sick.  Josie hasn't slept in about 5 nights because of an ear infection, so I've spent my nights lying with her, trying to sooth her and keep her fever under control.

And there's some other stuff going on as well.  Stuff that I don't feel comfortable blogging about right now.  But it's eating at me.

The silver lining is that tomorrow I leave for another reunion.  Twenty years since graduating from UVa. 

I've lost 15 pounds since early March (I switched out P90X for TurboFire-- decided to try something new), so I will show up at the reunion looking the way I want to look.  So that's good.

I will be going alone.  So that's even better.

Gearing up for another weekend of sensory overload - reconnecting with old friends, visiting the old haunts, dancing to the old bands.  Then the wishing that I could hold onto that feeling a little longer before it slips through my fingers.

I could use more than a weekend away.  But it's a start.


  1. 20 years. Not possible. Seriously not possible. Travel safely, my friend!

  2. I'm betting the weekend feels longer than just a few days.

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Have a great weekend, Wendy! I hope it's a ton of fun and completely rejuvenating.

  4. Well, damn, I'm just glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a shitty May to put behind me!! Misery LOVES us some company!

    Here's to a great weekend away and I hope you have a ball and get some much needed R&R!