Thursday, March 03, 2011

Proof positive that he's not adopted

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When I went to pick up Emma and my mom at the airport last week, I took Zeke with me.  I wasn't originally intending to because I was going to go through security to meet Emma at the gate, and who needs a toddler in that scenario?  But J had been sick and puking and then sleeping all day, so rather than leave him with both kids while he was feeling like total dog shit, I lightened his burden a little bit by leaving him with the easy kid who cheerfully lies down and goes to sleep at 7:30 on the dot after giving her Elmo doll a hug and chirping "night-night, Mommy!"

And I love having one-on-one time with Zeke.  He's so smart and fun to talk to.  And he tends to be much better behaved when Josie isn't around competing with him for attention.

So we got our escort passes and went to the potty and then made it through security and rode the train and went to the potty and successfully jumped off the escalator and rode the moving sidewalk.  He was a little bit shy when he first saw Emma, but then we sat down to have something to drink while we waited for my mom's plane and he became his normal chatty self.  He met a friend, a 4-year-old named Zach who was with his grandma waiting for his mom's plane, so Zeke and Zach had a grand time jumping around and making funny faces and saying things like "booty tooty chaka looty" and then cracking up like it was the greatest joke ever told in the history of jokes.

My mom's flight arrived, there were big hugs and kisses all around, we got the luggage and settled into the car for the ride home.

My mom sat in the back seat with Zeke.  He talked about school and his friends and going to the zoo and his desire to have a birthday party on Sunday.  So we decided we'd make a cake and blow out candles to celebrate everybody's unbirthday.

It was silent in the car for a minute or so.  Then Zeke leaned over and whispered to my mom.


"Yes, sweetheart?" she whispered back.

"The quiet ones are always the stinkiest," he responded.

She cracked up.  "Are you trying to tell me something?"

"Yes, Mimi.  I tooted quietly."

It occurred to me to make a crack that he's just like his father and comes by it honestly, coming from a long line of tooters.  But I kept my mouth shut, realizing that he gets it from my side of the family as much as J's.

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