Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cool Tricks Converge

Zeke's newest Cool Trick (TM Yo Gabba Gabba!) is answering the phone.  He's pretty good at pushing the right button and saying "HELLOOOOO??" in his cute little voice and then handing the phone to me saying, "it's Mimi!" 

His other big Cool Trick is counting up to very high numbers. 

He counts everything.  Everything everything everything.  Cars we pass when we're going somewhere, chicken nuggets on his plate, animals in his picture books, toys in the bathtub.  Everything. 

Yesterday we got one of those automated phone calls from a company offering credit card services or something.  Zeke answered the phone.  J had been getting Josie dressed and got to Zeke (and the phone) in time to hear Zeke say enthusiastically, "oh, OK!"  and then press the number "1."  Apparently it was one of those, "if you are interested in becoming a customer, please press '1'" dealios.  Because, numbers!  His favorite thing in the world!  He kept pressing different numbers and then finally got bored and went to do a puzzle.

I'm just waiting for the paperwork to arrive letting me know that I've got a new line of credit on the house.

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