Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Once upon a time

"Mama, I want to tell you a story."

"OK.  That sounds great.  I love stories."

"Once upon a time...uh..."


"...there was an elephant.  His name was Chak-chak."


"And he was climbing high up in a tree and he FALL DOWN!"  Wild gesticulation at this last bit.

"Oh, no!"

"Yeah!  And there was a rock!"

"Uh oh.  Did he hit his head on the rock?"


"So what happened?"

"He cried."

"Awww.  Did his mommy come and kiss it and make it better?"


"Well, that's good."

He walks over to me.  I think he's going to give me a hug, but he turns around and leans his butt on my leg.

"I toot on you, Mama!"

"Zeke!  Come on, now!"

"Hahahahaha!  The end."


  1. I see a future Pulitzer Prize winner.

  2. Anne -- ha! I know I shouldn't laugh at stuff like that, but he and I both cracked up. I'm a bad influence.

    moosie -- he does have a way of burying the lede, so who knows?

  3. He's so cute. Why don't I find Nate's toots so funny now?

  4. Lisa - it's cute because most of the time he doesn't actually toot. He just touches me with his butt and pretends. But he's also still pretty little, so his little toots are cute. When he'd older, bigger and stinkier, I doubt I'll be as amused.