Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It must have been Scary Yogurt Monster. Or something.

Zeke suffers from night terrors from time to time.  He'll start crying in the middle of the night and will thrash around, inconsolable and unresponsive to questions or efforts to comfort him.  He doesn't seem awake during these episodes.  He'll just cry and flail around for awhile (usually 10 minutes or so), and then, as suddenly as it starts, he'll calm down and go back to sleep.

The other night he was sleeping in between Jason and me (a horrible habit that I need to break, if only I had the stomach for the inevitable drama that would ensue).  At around 3 in the morning, he yelled, "No! No!!" and then yelled "Yogurt!"  He proceeded to cry and throw himself around the bed for 15 minutes.  

My first thought was, "what the fuck?"

"Do you want yogurt??" I asked incredulously.  He didn't respond, he just kept crying.  I knew that there was nothing to do but try to keep him from hurting himself.

Finally he calmed down, crawled over to me and said, "snuggle?"  His voice was all shaky and pathetic sounding.

"Sure, honey.  Come snuggle with Mama."  

"Sleep song?" he asked, referring to a lullaby that I sing to him most nights.

"Of course, baby."  

I wrapped my arms around him and sang softly for a couple of minutes until his breathing steadied.

I can't even begin to imagine what the hell is going on in his little 2-year-old brain.  But could someone please just wake me when he's 7 or 8, and relatively sane again?

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  1. Melissa8:36 AM

    Night terrors suck! I think especially for the parents. The kids don't seem to remember them at all but they totally freak us out. Charlie (my younger one) went through it for about 9 mos -- on and off. Sometimes a couple times a week, sometimes only once a month. Then they just stopped. Nighttime got much easier for all... it will happen, I promise.

    Now, if I could just warn you about what happens when they are six and still can't keep their pants dry at night... Put it this way, I haven't slept in my own room for quite a while as we try the "alarm"... sigh. Wake me when he hits 8 too. :)