Monday, September 22, 2008


It's been a roller-coaster-y couple of days. One minute I'm crying and feeling despondent, the next I'm cheerier and looking at the bright side. Some of it is the situation itself, some is depression fucking with my head a little bit, making the bad stuff seem worse.

But we're doing OK. We've resigned ourself to the fact that the Big Hawaii Experiment is looking to be a failure, and that unless I can get a big fat lawyer job here -- which don't appear to exist, as far as I can tell -- we're going to have to leave. So when we can, we're going to Denver.

Hawaii Cost of Living, 1: Armstrongs, 0.

We need to stick around through May, at least. May is when Jason finishes the stupid training course that the union made him do, even though he's 457 times smarter than anyone else on the jobs he works on and he's been working as a master electrician for, like, 12 years or something. Plus if he gets a Hawaii license, it makes it easier for him to go to a new jurisdiction with some credibility, rather than having to explain, again, "I'm licensed in Australia and I've been working as a journeyman/master for over a decade, but I don't have a U.S. license." And I don't want to dick over the law school, so we'll stay through the spring semester so I can teach my course.

In the meantime, we're going to try to enjoy the benefits of being here. The truth is, I haven't loved it here, but there are things about it I will miss. Beautiful hikes, surfing, great weather.

We started this weekend.

(Zeke in his Cadillac of a hiking pack, getting ready to ride Daddy's back up the Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail, in Hawaii Kai)

(Ever the Aussie, Jason hikes barefoot. Crazy mofo.)

(The view of Hawaii Kai from partway up the mountain)

(Zeke enjoys playing with his toys at the beach.)

(I manage to catch a wave in the teeny tiny surf)


  1. Gorgeous photos! Crazy barefoot hiking! For me, when I am struggling and then there is an end point in sight, it helps. So maybe you can just keep doing what you're doing, and enjoy the beauty as much as possible, knowing that the Hawaii chapter is likely to come to a close next spring.

  2. It's not a failure at all...You've learned to surf in teeny tiny waves, kicked the asses of the other parents in Zeke's classroom and battled successfully with neighbors. Total success, if you ask me.

    On another note, I have now realized where Zeke gets his ears, the ones I have a crush on...(perhaps I've never actually seen Jason's ears????) Which leads me to a horrid and shameful confession...

    By the transitive property, I think I have a slight crush on YOUR HUSBAND'S EARS!!!!

    (I feel like such a traitor. And I'm sorry.)

    Have a happy day,