Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reno, Nevada

We spent today driving from Salt Lake City to Reno. It's about 500 miles of desert plains and mountains. We didn't stop and do or see anything because there is no-o-o-thing. There were a couple of small towns that consisted largely of trailers and shacks and a gas station or two, but other than that it was miles and miles and miles of open space.
This is the beginning of a 50 mile stretch of high west of Salt Lake City that is absolutely flat and straight. No bumps, no turns for 50 miles.
Salt flats in the Great Salt Lake Desert

Nevada landscape. This is pretty much what we looked at all day.

So we listened to music and chatted and stopped at rest areas to walk the dog. The speed limit is 75 on the freeway and we averaged about 80, so we made pretty good time. We're going to chill in the room for a little while and then go play some slots and have a little dinner. We'll hit San Francisco tomorrow.

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