Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It always happens in the winter. There's a guy in my office, who is a great lawyer, a great guy, and whom I like and respect, but who basically spends October through March coughing up a lung. He's got asthma and is susceptible to bronchial-type maladies, so he comes into work and coughs and hacks for 6 months. I feel for the guy, because he can't help it, but every year, my immune system is able to fend off the germs for 4 months and then cries "uncle." This year, "uncle" happened this past Sunday, while I was skiing in North Carolina. I had a slight irritation in the top of my windpipe, then developed the racking cough, then the fever, then the sinus issues. Jason drove home Monday afternoon with the heat blasting, sweating his ass off, while I huddled under coats shivering. This was supposed to be my last week at work, but I couldn't go in yesterday or today. I spend my time coughing, shivering, sweating, sniffling and sleeping. Thanks, [office dude].

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