Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Bulgarian State Opera

Last night I went with Kathleen and Mindy to see the Bulgarian State Opera perform The Marriage of Figaro at the Fox Theater. The good news was that we got tickets for half price because we bought them less than 30 minutes before curtain. The bad news was that it totally sucked. I love opera, I love the Fox Theater, and I especially love The Marriage of Figaro, but watching this production was the theatrical equivalent of eating bad clams. The prospect of a show done by the Bulgarian State Opera sounded all Old World Europe and grand. But I guess Bulgaria isn't doing so well -- or at least, their recent economic progress hasn't trickled down to the State Opera's coffers -- because the plays I did in high school had higher production values. I felt bad, because the performers were really trying -- the effort showed on their faces, like a baby straining for a poop. But it just wasn't good. Mediocre singing, terrible acting, plodding pace, no set design. I'm sure I sound like a snobby bitch, but so be it. We left at intermission, figuring that if we paid half price, we got our money's worth by watching half of the show.

Line of the night, by Ms. Kathleen A. Sullivan, upon seeing the numerous uni-brows sported by various musicians as the orchestra stood up to be introduced: "There's alot of hair in that orchestra pit." It took all of my powers and all of my skills not to giggle throughout the overture.

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